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  • Deo Araujo

Hone, Sweet, Hone.

Like the girl from Kansas said in the movie, "there's no place like home." There are so many reasons to choose to work from home. I think the biggest reason I chose to work from home is that I get to be 'the boss', my own boss. People regardless of their nature don't like being to told what to do but we comply because it's our "job" not to mention that is what we are getting paid for. So working for myself means that I have a standard that I'm very familiar with and I don't have to fight some big retail outlet supervisor to prove that my way works.

I have been blessed with many jobs in the past where I could choose the hours that I wanted to work whether it be part time or 40 hours a week, or on call. But nevertheless still subject to someone else's schedule. Then there are issues about control of how much or how little income I bring in. My spouse and I (me partially) are retired. So I have the luxury to decide if my home based business should be paying the mortgage or if I want to make just enough money to pay for our annual vacations. I love being in the comfort and safety of my home. If home is where the heart is it is probably due to having a warm wood stove, my choice of music or silence, my spouse and pets around me keeping me company while I really put a great edge on that Bowie knife. I can wear want I want, when I want while I work and I can even pour myself a nice cold draught or sip a buttery Chardonnay. If some of these reasons haven't convinced you to perhaps start your own business or take what you already do and work from home yet, think about and look into the possibilities. I'm pretty sure you won't regret it.

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