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  • Deo Araujo

Old School vs New School

There are the die hards who refuse to live in the now, the 21st century with all the wonders of technology and those who move and adapt with time. To explain what I mean there are the "old school" people who like to do most tasks the traditional way. For example, instead of sending an email or ecard to reach someone the old schoolers prefer to stick the art of hand writing a letter or sending a birthday card in the mail. New school people prefer using the latest technology and applications to mainstream those tasks that were once considered trades or skills.

I have had the fortune to embrace both. I grew up before the internet, email and cell phones but I'm not so old that I cannot make use of those tools. Smartphones, VR movies, drones etc. are very much a part of my life. In sharpening edge tools I am finding a similar "old school/new school" mentality as well. This business is fairly new to me and in the process of learning this new skill I find quite a few resources on the internet where some people prefer traditional sharpening methods that require no electrical tools or fancy gadgets. (definitely a slower method, yet still effective) I, however, prefer the best of both worlds. I will not just foolishly spend money to get the latest gadget so I can keep up with the Jones's nor do I want to become too frustrated with the skill that the task seems impossible because I am in the dark ages. I like finding that happy medium between old school and new school, traditional and modern. I suppose I am old school guy with a new school iPhone in his pocket--just in case.

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