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  • Deo Araujo

Out with the old and in with the older

I mainly use the Tormek system of sharpening for putting an edge back onto tools. Although this system is relatively new is actually based on similar ancient designs of sharpening tools that date back hundreds of years. A stone wheel turned by a treadle. The option to use water or oil is just that....optional. I prefer the water method because it cleans up easier. The water and microscopic metal material removed during sharpening creates a substance called, "slurry". This slurry when left on the stone actually acts like an abrasive and helps with the sharpening and polishing process. The older style of sharpening on a slow moving stone wheel is highly preferable since it produces little or no heat (especially if water is used to cool and wash off the stone during sharpening). High heat can ruin the temper in steel plus grinding benches , those that use high speed and no water create a lot of dust, and even fire causing sparks. Yikes!

There is a major advantage to my Tormek sharpening system over other methods. Like many of you, I have used all sorts of the those gadgets that claim a quick and easy almost fool proof method to sharpening your knives. They were not always as easy as it seemed and rarely did the edge stay sharp long after chopping a few carrots. Those gadgets are limited to one specific angle. However, each knife, scissors etc. all have different edge angles that need to be replicated in order to be most effective. The Tormek system is able to replicate ALL of those edge angles perfectly, consistently on ONE machine--it is a bit costly. Probably why it is best left for the professional sharpener. I have the tools and equipment. You come to me with your edge tools and after all is said and done ....happy customers, I like that.

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