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  • Deo Araujo

Why I Don't Sharpen Serrated Knives?

Serrated knives are great for slicing all kinds of food items. Tomatoes, fresh bread, steak, or tender roast to name a few. There are so many kinds of serrated knives, each with their own characteristics. Some have serrations on the right side of the knife, some on the left, some have a lot of space between the "peaks and valleys" of the serrations, some knives have double serrations. I am sure the manufacturers of these will guarantee that their knife is better than the rest and will never require sharpening--ever! Yeah right, all knives go dull at some point in their lifetime. Some sooner than others of course. But as you can see from the close up photos of serrated knives that there are almost too many variables to contend with to get those spaces sharpened. Angle, width between the peaks, or even the shape of the valley whether curved or triangular. It would require specialized tools for each type of serration as well each type of knife. The possibilities seem overwhelmingly endless! I can't imagine someone spending a whole afternoon sharpening each individual serration. Would you?

I have had serrated knives in my collection that are probably 20-30 years old and still have the original cuts on from the manufacturer. They still seem to do the job well enough. If readers of this post find someone that successfully sharpens serrated knives quickly and easily, let me know, I will want to thank them.

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